Nolan Shaheed

Nolan Shaheed is a high energy, highly experienced trumpeter and sound engineer. Not only can Nolan run the mile at world record pace, but he can blow your socks off with his expert trumpeting.

Nolan contributed trumpet parts on 3 tracks of "The Secret of Christmas" and provided his studio and engineering services for the recording of all our horn, vibraphone, and choral tracks.

We have all been blessed to have Nolan's participation in this album, and encourage you to find out more about his projects and performances on his website

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Nolan was born in Pasadena, CA and has been one of LA's top studio musicians since 1974. He is in great demand in the Jazz scene and has been a musical director for Marvin Gaye (1974-1976), Lead Trumpet with Count Basie Orchestra (1976-1979), and worked with numerous other artists such as Natalie Cole (1979-1981), Stevie Wonder (1981-1983), Diana Ross (1983-1985), Phil Collins (1985), and Anita Baker (1986).

He has also performed and toured with: Eddie Harris, Teddy Edwards, Duke Ellington Orchestra, Lionel Hampton Orchestra, Jeannie & Jimmy Cheatham, Francisco Aquabea. Nolan has been one He currently owns a recording studio and is a music producer.

Nolan Shaheed - Trumpeter - Sound Engineer - The Secret of Christmas